NFL Seahawks Look to Rugby for Tackling Techniques

With growing concerns about head injuries in the NFL, coaches and players alike are placing a new emphasis on avoiding concussions.

Seattle Seahawks Michael Bennett believes the key to player safety is improved tackling techniques.

In an interview with USA Today, Bennett explained, “Everyone that plays rugby is so tough and the way they play through injuries, and bounce back week in and week out – we look at them for inspiration to be tougher players and better defenders."

“When you have a helmet on, you can think you are invincible but to be able to know where your head is at, and be able to move and tackle with your shoulders,” Bennett clarified. “That’s what we are learning to try and prevent injuries to some of our best players."

“Everyone right now is looking at ways we can prevent concussion, and protect the players and the young players coming through in both rugby and football.”

The Seahawks' defensive line dubbed their technique "Seahawk tackling". Players who have incorporated this style of tackling in this game have not only remained just as effective, in some cases it seems to have made them even better at taking down their opponents.

Hawk Tackle utilizes these techniques, looking to rugby for ideas to improve player safety on the field. 

Our tackling dummy incorporates the head safe tackling technique used by rugby players for over a hundred years. The tackle dummy designed to teach and reinforce tacklers on proper foot, shoulder, and head placement for a safe and effective tackle.

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